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Do I need an Amazon Prime Account to use Alexa on the Blade?

No, a standard Amazon account will give you access to the majority of the features offered with the Alexa service on the Blade.

How do I use the Amazon Alexa app on my Blade?

To get started using Alexa, please review our quick start guide.

You can install the Amazon Alexa app for Blade from apps tab on the Blade's companion app.

For more information or to report an issue, please contact our Technical Support Team.

How can I navigate the Blade user interface?

  • The Blade has one physical button which is the power button. This button can be used to power ON and power OFF the Blade. It also has a touchpad on the right temple. All the interactions with the Blade are done using this touchpad as gestures.
  • For details on Blade gestures, refer to the Blade Quick Start Guide.
  • The Blade has two LEDs. The green power LED is the visual indicator that the Blade is powered ON or if the Blade is being charged. The red recording LED is the visual indicator that the camera app is being accessed or a video is being recorded by the Blade.

How can I link my Blade to the Companion app?

The Companion App is available for your Vuzix Blade and it can be installed on your iOS or Android smartphones. The Companion App enables easy setup and customization of your Blade and manages the communication link between the Blade and your smart phone. It also has features like photo transfer, configuring the settings and installing applications.

To download the companion app for,

Once you install the Companion app on your smartphone, follow the below steps to connect your Blade with the installed Companion app.

  1. Start the Companion app on your smartphone. Hit 'Start Setup' to start link procedure.
  2. Agree to the Vuzix Terms of Service.
  3. The Welcome screen explains the steps involved in the setup process. Hit Next.
  4. The next screens explains the basic gestures available on your Blade. When comfortable hit Next to the link screen.
  5. The link screen show the QR-Code using which you can link to the Blade. On your Blade navigate to the Settings > Connectivity and tap on Companion Link.
  6. If Bluetooth on Blade is disabled, notice 'Bluetooth Required' screen. On that screen swipe and tap Yes. Notice the Camera gets turned on with message 'Looking for QR code in Blade's Companion app'. Now you will be able to scan the QR-Code on the smartphone.
  7. Once the QR-Code code is scanned, the Blade will verify the link and show a status 'Linked' on both your smartphone and 'Connected' on your Blade. Click on on the smartphone.
  8. The next step is to personalize. You can name your Blade, for example 'Joe's Blade'. This new name will be your Blade's Bluetooth Name. Hit Next when done.
  9. Next step is to customize the notifications that show up on your Blade. Enable or disable any app's notification by toggling the buttons. Hit Next when done.
  10. Finally, the tutorial explains the more advance gestures on Blade.

If your smartphone or Blade are not in range (or Bluetooth is off or Airplane mode is on) you will see a disconnect icon on your Blade and a disconnect message on your Companion app. When both devices come in range (or Bluetooth is on) they automatically are connected.

Also see the video to understand the process better.

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